CS2K offers custom software development and programming services to fit your unique needs. From Customer Relations Management (CRM) or Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) apps to Content Management Systems (CMS), E-Commerce solutions and even basic websites, CS2K has the talent and resources to take your project through the entire Custom software development lifecycle.

Call us today to arrange a complimentary needs analysis with one of our qualified software engineers. Custom applications and systems are built using either of the following billing methods

Hourly Rate

For small or medium projects that require only 1 or 2 programmers. These projects typically have a few specific goals and can be completed without any major changes once the initial requirements are set. Our experienced software engineer will work with you to understand and document your requirements then design, build and implement your custom solution using as sequential design process. These projects are billed twice a month based on consumed programmer hours only. Ongoing design, consulting, code review, testing and deployment are included at no additional charge. Support is available throughout the development process and includes 1 year of support after completion. Additional long term maintenance support is also available.

Monthly Rate

For projects that have multiple major milestones, or evolving requirements, a project manager will work with the stakeholders to understand the requirements then match the appropriate amount of resources required to accomplish the stated goals of the project. This may include multiple programmers or multiple team members with different skill sets. The project is broken into milestones and we provide continuous feedback throughout the development lifecycle, easily adapting to changes in product requirements. Stakeholders may request progress demonstrations at any time during development. Support is ongoing throughout the development process, includes a guaranteed 1 hour response time for any requests, expedited bug fixes and includes 1 year of support after completion.