CS2K DataVault Secure Online Backup

Your Data is priceless

With some data, a local backup is more than enough. With irreplaceable important data, you need an online backup as well. Have it your way with CS2K DataVault Free local backup & secure online backup – in one comprehensive package!

Military Strength Data Encryption

With 448 bit encryption, CS2K DataVault ensures that your data is scrambled even BEFORE it leaves your machine. Don′t lose your password, though! Even we can′t help you if you do!

Unlimited Backup for Free

Use the powerful CS2K DataVault software for FREE & backup data to your own computer / disk / mapped drives. You pay only if you use CS2K DataVault online backup storage.

Versatile and Feature packed

  • Backup Multiple computers with one account
  • Backup byte-level incremental data only, saving bandwidth
  • Backup open files seamlessly using VSS
  • Backup Anywhere: to local disk or a mapped drive, or to our Secure online Servers
  • Multiple Backup sets - each with it's own schedule
  • Incremental Backups
  • Multiple Versions
  • CPU Utilization and Bandwidth Throttling
  • 'Do Not Backup' during certain times of the day
  • Military Strength Security
  • Rock Solid Infrastructure
  • Web Access to all backed up files if original PC is lost or stolen
  • Backup any Files or Folders or even entire drives
  • Backup Windows System State, and Registry
  • Complete Image Backup and Bare Metal Restore (Windows 7, Vista or 2008 required)
  • Common Folders like Desktop, Documents, Favorites
  • Outlook & Outlook Express support
  • Microsoft Exchange Mailbox and Database level backup
  • Microsoft SQL server 2005/2008

3 Easy steps to get started protecting your data

  • 1. Register for a free account
  • 2. Download and Install CS2K DataVault software
  • 3. Select your files to backup and set a schedule

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